Did you know that there are many casinos which are willing to give you money for free? This is what free spins bonuses basically are. With them you can play on slot machines for free. The money you earn while playing with free spins is yours. Let’s take a look at about free spins in a little more detail.

Free spins are basically special offers from casinos that give players a chance to get acquainted with slots and a casino. Usually, they can only be used for playing selected slot games. The offer is not always going to be the same. But the overall principle is. You play for free, and everything you win is converted into a bonus which can be unlocked through wagers. Wagers are basically the number of times you need to play with the money you have won before it can be withdrawn as cash.

These wagers are usually somewhere between 20 and 30 times. Whatever you have left after can be retained by you including all the profits you earn while playing. If you use your no-deposit bonus for this, the wager will be a little higher but not too much. Most casinos offer additional bonuses on your initial deposit as well. This means you get more money to gamble with.

You could also consider free play bonuses if you want to play at online casinos without spending money. Here, you get a fixed amount of time in which you can gamble as much as you want online. Once this time period has ended, you get to keep everything that you have won. There will most probably be a maximum limit. Anything you win can be converted to a bonus that is wagered as above.

If you are not looking at spending any money at all on your online wagers, there is no reason why you have to. There are a number of online slot games which offer you a free option where you can just play without any money being on the line. You will not have to download the software you will not have to create an account nothing. For example, you can play some amazing Microgaming and NetEnt slot games online without any time limits and without spending a single penny. This is a really cool way of taking some time off from your busy schedule and having some fun would not you say?

One last thing, while gambling can be a whole lot of fun, it also has the potential to be quite addictive. It is very important that you only play for entertainment and never ever use money that has been earmarked for something else. One good tip which you should consider following is to always have a set limit. This may be a limit in terms of time spent playing or money won or lost. Once you have set a limit, do not change it under any circumstances. That is the worst decision you can make in your life.